I’m not going to lie – the fact I am halfway through training is scaring me a little bit but it’s also so exciting!! I’m about to hit the longer distances and if we keep having the bipolar weather we’ve been having, trying to do 15-16 miles on a treadmill well, should be interesting.

Week 8 was a very bizarre week for me to say the least.  One thing I should mention is that by doing all of my runs on the treadmill, I’m never fully able to focus on my run. As the manager of the gym, I am constantly watching everything that is going on and/or helping with things since I am there.  I don’t mind it at all but it’s something I’ve had to get used to compared to running out on the road.  Sometimes it’s nice for when I run longer distances because people will come over and chat with me to keep my mind off of how long I have to run. I don’t get that outside since no one my age around here is crazy enough to run as far as I do LOL!

About 8 tenths of a mile into my first run of the week, one of my employees rushes over to me on the treadmill to let me know someone had fallen. I stop the treadmill and rush over to the member who fell and hit her face. Now – I love watching Grey’s Anatomy and all but blood is not my thing. But just like a run, the adrenaline rushed when I got to her and I didn’t even give a second thought to how much blood was coming out. 45 minutes later after attending to her, doing paper work, and cleaning up the pool of blood, I jumped back on the treadmill and managed to keep a 9:20/mi pace. Sorry to the person who had to run next to me while I smelled like bleach.  When you’re outside you just don’t run into these sort of things but running while at work is definitely keeping things exciting.

The next day I FINALLY got outside for the first time all year. Mother Nature decided she was going to bless us with a 70 degree day.  Being so pumped up about it, I threw on my running stuff during lunch and headed to the track and holy sh*t! I ran three consecutive miles at an average pace of 8:27/mi. Negative splits too! My first mile was 8:49, then a 8:25 and then an 8:02! BAM. My fastest mile to date! A new 3 mile PR and mile PR. My training is definitely paying off but the excitement from being outside definitely helped my speed. I went back to work and was on such a high from the run, I couldn’t calm myself down ha-ha!

Talk about bizarre though – the next day I went skiing in a snowstorm. Heading into the winter I was pretty worried about skiing while training but it’s actually been a good source of cross training for me.  After skiing my brainiac idea was to do leg day right after. I was so sore on Saturday I was only able to run 9 miles. The gym was starting to get busy anyways so I felt bad taking up so much time on the treadmills, but man my legs hurt so bad!  Note to self – make leg day earlier on in the week. I would have run more the next day but- I decided to journey to Buffalo to cross some things off of my bucket list! Bucket list chasing is so much fun – stay tuned for another blog post series on this as well!


Right now I’m at the end of week 9. I ran twice this week and had some kick ass training days. I was able to get outside again and man did that feel good. But as I sit here writing this we are currently getting hammered with snow again. Hoping to one day soon be able to get outside for one of my long runs, especially my 20 miler, but with the way the weather has been, I don’t think that will be any time soon. Tomorrow is my long run day and my goal is to run 13 but we’ll see 🙂 Maybe I’ll do more.

P.S. I’m now 60% of the way to my fundraising goal! A little less than $600 to go but I’m hoping to even surpass the goal! Don’t forget to check out my Team LRF page to see what I’m raising money for! Thank you to everyone for your continuous support!



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